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Fourth Quarter 2011

Hot Lanes Not So Hot

Cup of Tea?

T-SPLOST Opposed

Atlanta's Mayor Handled It Right

Atlanta Voters Want Alcohol on Sunday

Voter Turnout Key Variable in 2012

Deal Reaches Nearly 50% Approval Level
Georgia Clearly a 'Red State'
Cain Leads in Iowa
Cain Leads in South Carolina
Romney and Cain Tied in Florida
Romney Leads in New Hampshire;

Third Quarter 2011

Perry Leads in Florida

Georgia Nation With Richt After Week 1

Americans Feel Safe In-Flight

Bad Parental Decision

Fix the Economy Before you Save the Environment

Good Job on Irene Coverage

Its the Real Thing
Whats Your Price For Flight
Perry Leads in Georgia

Second Quarter 2011

A Majority of Voters Do Not Think Trump Will Run

Americans Give Credit to Both Obama and Bush

Americans See Pakistan More as a Foe than a Friend

Killing Bin Laden a Significant Victory

Obama Finds Post-Raid Support

Republicans and Democrats at Odds Over Increasing Budget Ceiling

Two-Thirds Think US Should Use Enhanced Interrogation Techniques
United States Right to Give Bin Laden Respectful Burial at Sea
Majority of Americans Agree with Obama Decision

First Quarter 2011

Slim Majority, but Significant Margin Favor Allowing a Vote on Sunday Sales

Huckabee at the Top Among Likely GOP Voters; Romney, Gingrich and Palin Currently Tied for Second

Arizona Shooting Not a Motivator for Moderation

Slim Majority Have Favorable Opinion of Georgia's Snow Response

Third/Fourth Quarter 2010

Tea Party Considered a Temporary Movement

Tea Party Impact Currently Up in the Air

Cutting Spending a 4 to 1 Favorite Over Raising Taxes

Americans Find Local and National News Most Important…International and State Level News Take a Backseat

Georgia Governor's Race

What Scares You

Wikileaks Believed to Have Committed a Crime

Second Quarter 2010

Georgians want Jessica Colotl Deported

Florida US Senate Republican Primary

Georgia Democratic Primary

Georgia Republican Primary

First Quarter 2010

Rubio in Commanding Lead

Majority of Georgians Approve of Perdue

Majority of Georgians Disapprove of Obama

Massachusetts US Senate Race

Fourth Quarter 2009

Polling Done Well is Polling Well Done

Gwinnett County is Ready for Rail

Arts and Culture Important to Georgians

Georgians Favor Local Control

UGA Bulldogs Get the Nod for Winning Tradition

Atlanta Residents are Worried About Crime; Think Taxes are Too High

Third Quarter 2009

Half of South Carolina Voters Say Governor Should Go

Atlanta Residents Want A New Reservoir But Are More Concerned About Crime & Taxes

Georgia’s 9th District Congressional Race Wide Open

National Legislation Poll

National Healthcare Poll

Political Viewpoints

Atlanta Residents Want Rail and Chance to Vote on a Tax for Transportation

National Healthcare Program Poll
South Carolinians Split on Their Governor

Second Quarter 2009

Barnes Prohibitive Favorite Among Democrats For Now

Georgia Governor’s Republican Primary Poll

Atlanta Mayoral Race Wide Open

Obama Energy Proposal Facing Unusually High Awareness; Majority View as a Tax

Georgia Transportation Poll

Barnes Candidacy Would Make Race Highly Competitive

High Speed Rail Believed to be Important for the Future

First Quarter 2009

American’s Oppose Government Ownership of Businesses

Americans Split on Loans to Automakers

Barack Obama’s Job Approval Rating

Americans are Split on Stimulus Package

America Grades Barack Obama’s Inauguration Speech

President Bush’s Final Approval Rating

Americans Approve of Barack Obama During Transition

Bush Viewed as Helpful in Obama Transition

Third/Fourth Quarter 2008

Obama Gets a Narrow Victory in an Exclusive Poll

First Presidential Debate Does Little to Change Race for White House

Political Polling Numbers Drop for Georgia Leaders

Ranking Georgia’s Colleges and Universities

Most Georgian’s Undecided Over Delta Merger

Georgian’s Pan Delta Exec’s Pay

Second Quarter 2008

Rating Georgia’s Hospitals by Reputation

Georgians Not Interested in the Legislature, But are Wary of the Impact on Their Wallets

Discretionary Spending Going Down Over the Next 3 Months

Transportation…What Should We Do and How Should We Pay For it?

Do You Have Confidence in Transportation Leadership?

Road Rage: What’s The Mood of Georgia Motorists?

Georgia Fans Not Happy With Dooley Statue Idea

First Quarter 2008


Georgians Want Fundamental Change in State Charter School Law

popup Our Report Card from a Competitor: A Solid “A”
popup Georgia January Issues Poll
popup What Georgians Think of Their Elected Officials

November/December 2007


Turning Disagreement into Consensus

popup Georgia December Issues Poll
popup 60% of Georgians Oppose Delta Merger

September/October 2007


Most Georgians Will Spend the Same or Less during the Remainder of this Year


Georgians Overwhelmingly Approve of Perdue’s Performance in Water Crisis


Georgia’s Junior Senator at Top of Georgia Political Leaders


Perdue Approval Rating 54%...Tax Reform High on Voters’ To-Do List

July/August 2007


Florida Democrats Opposed to DNC Ruling on Primary


How Red Will Georgia Be for Presidential Election


Despite What You See and Hear, Public Opinion Evenly Split on Whether Falcons Should Cut Vick Now

May/June 2007


59% Oppose Immigration Bill; 60% Want Wilson Freed


Reform PSC or Legislature?


Majority of Georgians Displeased with Legislature’s Performance This Year

March/April 2007


A Special Offer to the Travel and Tourism Industry


What Georgians Say About Traffic and What They Think Should Be Done About It

February 2007


Voters Prefer for State Government to Determine Transportation Funding Over Chambers of Commerce


Temporary Statewide Sales Tax Hike for Transportation Polls Well with Public


Big Majorities Want Hospitals to Disclose Infection Rates


Georgians Frustrated Over Rate at Which Transportation Needs Have Been Addressed


Survey Shows Strong Support for PeachCare, Reveals Attitudes About Other Health Issues

January 2007


64% Say Georgia is Headed in Right Direction

popup Go Fish Georgia Proposal Polls Below 50%

87% Approve of Reduction or Elimination of Ad Valorem Tax on Automobiles


Nearly Eight out of Ten Say Nardelli Package Excessive

December 2006


Strong Support Statewide For Sunday Sales of Beer

September/October 2006


Riding for Richie Exceeds their 2006 Fundraising Goal

popup New Polling Model a Success

June/July 2006


Majority Opinion Research and InsiderAdvantage to Begin Continuous Election Polling

popup Riding for Richie…Majority Opinion Research Rides for Richard Derr
popup Taylor Takes Lead From Cox In Democratic Battle For Gubernatorial Nomination InsiderAdvantage/Majority Opinion Poll Shows Substantial 'Reversal Of Fortune' In Race
popup 2006 Survey of DMO Web Site Visitors' Spending
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March 2006

popup Can Harris Make Nelson the Issue?
InsiderAdvantage/Majority Opinion Research Poll
St. Petersburg Times, FL,
March 28, 2006
popup Mr. President: Stop Picking the Scab
InsiderAdvantage/Majority Opinion Research Poll, DC
March 23, 2006
popup Reed Campaign Survives Abramoff Ties
InsiderAdvantage/Majority Opinion Research Poll
The Washington Times, DC
March 22, 2006
popup Florida Republicans See Trouble Brewing
InsiderAdvantage/Majority Opinion Research Poll
St. Petersburg Times, FL,
March 20, 2006

January/February 2006

popup What Georgians Think About Requiring Proof of US Citizenship of Those Seeking Services from the State
popup What Georgians Think About Ankle Bracelets for Sex Offenders
popup What Georgians Think About Giving Government Powers of Eminent Domain
popup What Georgians Think About Requiring a Photo ID to Vote in Elections

November/December 2005

popup What Floridians are Thinking About Privatizing Medicaid
popup What Floridians are Thinking About Natural Gas Drilling
popup What Floridians are Thinking About Illegal Immigration
popup What Floridians are Thinking About Hurricane Response
popup What Floridians are Thinking About Home Prices
popup What Floridians are Thinking About Gay Marriage

September 2005

popup What Georgians are Doing as a Result of Rising Gas Prices
popup What Georgians Think About Natural Disasters in the State
popup What Georgians Think About President George W. Bush
popup What Georgians Think About Sunday Sales of Beer and Wine

August 2005

popup What Georgians Think About Extending Term Limits
popup What Georgians Think About the Direction of the State
popup What Georgians Think About the State's Progress in Dealing With Traffic
popup What Georgians Think About Visiting the Georgia Aquarium
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