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Research Tools

Majority Opinion Research takes a custom approach, using the tools and techniques that deliver the best results for the research needs of each engagement.

Data Collection

From a 450-station call center, to state-of-the-art online data collection, to innovative interactive voice response, Majority Opinion Research uses the latest technology to collect information and provide up-to-the-minute analysis of today’s ever-changing markets and political environments.

  • Telephone interviewing
  • Online data collection
  • Interactive voice response
  • 1-800 In-Bound Research
  • Focus groups
  • In-person one-on-one interviews
  • In-depth personal interviews
  • Pre-recruits
  • Mall intercepts
  • On-site intercepts


Majority Opinion Research delivers insightful analysis, thoughtful conclusions and actionable recommendations for the research it conducts.  Multivariate statistical analyses, market mapping, and modeling are utilized to add value and uncover additional layers of learning.

  • Cluster Analysis
  • Conjoint Analysis
  • Correlation Analysis
  • Decision Drivers
  • Derived Importance
  • Discriminant Analysis
  • Discrete Choice Modeling
  • Factor Analysis
  • Multiple Regression
  • Perceptual Mapping
  • Quadrant Analysis
  • Regression Analysis
  • Segmentation Analysis
  • Van Westendorp Price Modeling


The qualitative division of Majority Opinion Research conducts focus groups and in-depth interviews with consumers, voters, business decision makers, and top level executives.  Unlike “ordinary” groups, the focus groups that Majority Opinion Research conducts have an energized dynamic and incorporate a weave of projective techniques that delve down to the heart of the learning at hand while keeping the participants engaged.

Tipping Point Catalyst

To effectively research issues of a sensitive/controversial social or political nature, Majority Opinion Research created Tipping Point CatalystTM.  This structured technique of quantitative and qualitative assessments is used to achieve consensus between opposing factions on an issue.  Tipping Point CatalystTM utilizes a cyclic process to turn disagreement on an issue into a trigger for deeper analysis, understanding, and strategy to achieve a goal.  Through the course of this process, evidence or information that each side of an issue feels the other side may have overlooked is presented and its motivational value is ascertained in its ability to sway convictions.


Majority Opinion Research has a network of local partners that currently cover Western Europe (England, France, Spain, Ireland, Italy, Germany, etc.), China, Korea, Australia, Indonesia, Singapore, Japan, French-speaking areas of Canada, and all of Latin America.  This partnership provides seamless integration of international data collection via telephone or Internet in native languages with translations to English for analysis.  Focus groups are conducted in native languages with real-time translation.

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